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What are cookies
Cookies are small text files with relevant information, reviewed by websites and stored on the computer.

How cookies work
Cookies are widely used for the operation of websites, to increase their efficiency, to provide information to the sites responsible for the sites and / or to manage user sessions. They also allow you to recognize and move from a process of your interests and advantages, thus improving a navigation experience.

Use of cookies on Castro Woodfloors sites.
Castro Woodfloors uses cookies in their sites to manage users, allowing you to perform maintenance through the Castro Woodfloors website and external sites for data analysis.
Cookies at Castro Woodfloors sites are used for various purposes, namely:

Authentication - for user recognition during your session.
Security - for deployed security features and to detect malicious activity.
Preferences and services analysis - to know the language in use in the user session and customize your navigation on the website.
Usage statistics - to provide anonymous statistical data for site usage, such as search sites used to reach the website, pages visited, visitor counts, and software used by the customer.
By navigating the Castro Woodfloors website you are authorizing the use of cookies.

Use of cookies for Remarketing.
Castro Woodfloors service providers, including Google, use cookies for the purpose of publicizing Castro Woodfloors products and services.

Cookies can be used by Castro Woodfloors service providers, including Google, to gather information on previous visits to the Castro Woodfloors website, and, based on that information, present on third party websites, Castro Woodfloors relevant adds and projects of interest to the clients and site visitors of the Castro Woodfloors website.

Customers and visitors to the Castro Woodfloors website may at any time elect to exclude the use of Google cookies through Google Ads Settings.

The control and blocking of cookies.
Most browsers allow you to control cookies through your settings. However, the use of cookies may difficult the experience in browsing and, and, in the limit, prevent login in the Castro Woodfloors website.
By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies for analysis, customized content and ad serving.